Commenting and community tools for your Ghost site.

Cove is a commenting and community platform built on top of Ghost’s Memberships feature.

Cove lets subscribers of your content log in and comment on your content.

Use Cove to

Make your Ghost site better

14 day free trial. No credit card required.


Deep integration with Ghost Memberships.

Unlimited comments and members.

Works with free and paid memberships.

Show or hide comments from non-members.

Compatible with any Ghost theme.

No spam. Privacy-friendly. No ads.

Lightweight and fast (under 4KB of Javascript).

Plus typical commenting

  • Moderation tools
  • Pinned comments
  • Likes and emoji reactions
Member avatars
Reply email notifications

cove noun

A small bay or inlet.
A sheltered place, nook or niche.

How it works


Create a Cove account ~1 min

Sign up to Cove and paste in some details about your Ghost site.


Add Cove to your Ghost theme ~4 mins

Download your Ghost theme, paste in some HTML provided by Cove and re-upload it.


All done!

Existing or new Members can now log into your Ghost site and discuss your content.

Why Cove?

Cove is unique. Instead of adding an abstract layer of user data hosted independently of your site (like Disqus, Commento, CommentBox etc.), Cove is built around the internal member/subscriber data already in your Ghost publication.

Cove harnesses Ghost’s Membership features like paid plans, member registration and signing in, and enables comments and discussion on your posts and pages. It works great with both free and paid memberships, and on any theme.

Cove is native commenting for Ghost.


Try Cove Pro totally free for 14 days then choose a plan that suits your needs.

Pay Monthly
Pay Yearly
✨ Get 3 months free (25% discount) by paying yearly

Pro Tools + Comments

All of Cove's community features in a discounted plan.


$12/monthBilled $144/year


$15/monthBilled $180/year

  • Comments
  • Unlimited members and comments
  • Moderation tools
  • Email notifications
  • and more...
  • All audience tools
  • Page view counters
  • Like buttons
  • Emoji reactions
  • Live member counters


Engaging tools and counters for your audience.


$6/monthBilled $72/year


$9/monthBilled $108/year

  • Page view counters
  • Like buttons
  • Emoji reactions
  • Live member counters


Spark discussion and foster community around your content.


$7.50/monthBilled $90/year


$10.50/monthBilled $126/year

  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited comments
  • Moderation tools
  • Works with free and paid memberships
  • Translations
  • Likes and emoji reactions
  • Pinned comments
  • Three design options
  • Reply email notifications

Use Cove on unlimited sites with an Unlimited plan:
Comments Unlimited ($25/month) · Pro Unlimited ($40/month)

Or buy a lifetime plan with a one-time payment
Comments ($249) · Pro ($399)

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14 day free trial. No credit card required.

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