Mobile-friendly backend and Dark mode

Your Cove admin will now work beautifully on your mobile device. This means you can now check activity in your comments or update settings wherever you are.

The Cove backend also now has automatic dark mode, which matches your browser setting. Perfect for you if you prefer dark mode by default or those late night work sessions.


Updated comment reactions

Cove's comment reactions just got two small but useful design updates.

Emojis are now larger, making it easier to select a reaction. And the emoji menu now will load in dark mode to match when it's enabled on your theme.


Comment notifications in Slack and Discord

You can now get a stream of all comments on your site sent into channels in Slack and Discord.

This is great if you want to have a way to read all comments being made on your site in a tool you're already working, without having to log into the Cove or get bombarded with email notifications.

To set up Slack or Discord notifications, go to and follow the steps needed to set up the integration, then paste the webhook URL into Cove.


Updated comment formatting

Comments in Cove have now much better formatting:

  • links now render properly, for example both and will now be properly linked.
  • a bug with new lines has been fixed and the final outputted comment will now reflect exactly how the original comment was written

Members can edit and delete comments

Comment editing and deleting

Your members can now edit and delete their comments on your site.

Once logged in to your site, they'll see new "Edit" and "Delete" options on each comment.

Edited comments will have a notice showing that they have been edited, and a history of all edits are kept within Cove.

If a member deletes a comment it is gone for good. However, if their comment has replies, the text will be hidden and a place will be kept so that the thread stays in tact.