Comments for Ghost · Cove

Comments for Ghost · Cove

Powerful and customisable comments for your Ghost site

Cove is the original commenting platform for Ghost, offering seamless integration into your site, handy moderation tools, reply notifications to your members and a super lightweight file size for fast loading.

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The best comments for Ghost

Here's why Cove Comments beats anything else.

Matches your site design

Cove uses your theme's existing styling and seamlessly slots into your site without looking out of place.

If you change your theme, Cove will change to match.

Unlimited comments and members

Unlike some commenting tools, there are absolutely no limits on how many comments or members you can having using Cove.

Build your community as big as you can.

Works with free and paid memberships

Cove Comments sits on top of Ghost's membership features and allows any signed-in member (free or paid, you choose) to leave comments on your content.

Moderate and control the conversation

With a single click, pin, hide and delete comments from your site.

And because every commenter is signed in as a Ghost member, spam is virtually non-existent.

Super simple customisation

With Cove's many settings you have many options, like choosing between three layout options, adding or removing comment likes and emoji reactions, and hiding comments from everyone but your premium paying members.

Translate Cove into any language

Translate the whole comment section to match the language of your site, in seconds.

Incredibly small and fast to load

Cove's comments script is under 6 KB and served on a worldwide CDN. It's tiny and incredibly quick to load, and it doesn't affect your page speed score.

For reference, Ghost's built-in comments scripts are just under 600 KB big.

Compare Cove vs built-in comments

Cove Ghost
Price From $7.50/mo* Free
Matches your theme design
Comment likes
Comment emoji reactions
Option to remove likes and emoji reactions
Translate the comment section
Comment thread levels 1 1
Different comment layouts 3
Backend to view and moderate all comments
Pin comments
Members can edit and delete comments
Hide comments from non-paying members Kind of**
Restrict commenting to only paying members Kind of***
Reply email notifications to members
Comment notifications to email, Slack and Discord
File size 6 KB 600 KB

* Try for free for 14 days then pay just $10/month or $7.50/month when paying annually. Combine with other community tools like automated email, post reactions, member counters and page counters. View full pricing

** In Ghost, if a member can view the post, they can see the comments. In Cove you can choose if all free members can see comments or if only paid members can see comments, regardless of the post's access level.

*** In Ghost, if a member can view the post, they can leave a comment (if they can't, they can't). In Cove, viewing posts and leaving comments are fully de-coupled. For example, you can choose to allow paid members to leave comments but let all members and even non-members view comments.


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