Install Cove's tools

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You can now add the following audience tools to your Ghost site with Cove:

  • live member counters
  • like buttons
  • emoji reaction bars
  • page view counters

To install these to your site, add the "tools" Javascript library to your theme:

<script src="" data-cove-id="your_site_id" async></script>

Then you just need to copy and paste code for each different tool you want into your theme as well. All you need is a small code snippet.

For example, this is how to show a live member counter on your homepage:

<span data-cove-member-counter="your_counter_id"></span>

And to add an emoji reaction bar to the bottom of your posts, simply paste:

<div id="cove-reactions"></div>

Full instructions for each tool can be found in your Cove account.

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