Show Cove comments only on certain posts

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It's possible, using Ghost's tag system, to show Cove comments only on certain posts (or pages).

We will use Ghost's internal tags for this example. An internal tag starts with a # symbol. These tags are hidden from your blog's theme and are only used in the background to organise posts.

Step 1: Create the tag

Add a tag like #cove to the posts (or pages) that you want to show Cove comments on.

Step 2: Tweak the Cove install code

We now want to only load Cove on posts and pages with the #cove tag.

To do this, we have to make a small change to the Cove install code: just wrap a {{#has}} block around the standard Cove code.

{{#has tag="#cove"}}
{{#if @labs.members}}
  <h2><span id="cove-count"></span> Comments</h2>
  <div id="cove"></div>


And that's all 👍

The {{#has}} helper is very powerful. Make sure you to read through the full documentation to explore some other useful ways to use it in your theme.

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