Stop Cove from showing comments on page load

Filed in Setup & installation

If you don't want Cove comments to display by default on a page, you can use the following modifications in the installation code.

Add an element to your page that users can click to load comments. I recommend a <button>.

<button onClick="coveInit()">Load comments</button>

You can style the element however you want, just make sure you include onclick="coveInit()" on it.

Add the autoLoad variable

Edit the Cove installation code to include autoLoad: false.

    const Cove = {
      publication: "YOUR_SITE_KEY",
      contentId: "{{id}}",
      memberId: "{{@member.uuid}}",
      memberEmail: "{{}}",
      autoLoad: false

And that's it!

You've successfully subscribed to Cove!