Sync member names from Ghost

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Since May 19, 2021, Cove has been able to sync member names from Ghost to Cove.

The installation instructions in your account have been updated to reflect this update.

If you installed Cove before May 19, 2021, you need to make a quick change to your Cove code:

Add the bottom line memberName: "{{@member.firstname}}" into your Cove config.

const Cove = {
    publication: "your_site_id",
    contentId: "{{id}}",
    memberId: "{{@member.uuid}}",
    memberEmail: "{{}}",
    memberName: "{{@member.firstname}}"

There are two different name versions that you can sync to Cove:

  • {{@member.firstname}} is the member's first name
  • {{}} is the member's full name

Note: When memberName is added to your Cove config, the name that's currently in Ghost will be synced to Cove when the user next makes a comment. The sync does not happen in the background.

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