Audience tools

Cove now offers a range of reader-focussed tools that you can add to your Ghost site:

  • live member counters
  • emoji reaction bars
  • like buttons
  • page view counters

These are all easy to add to your current theme, with some simple copy-pasting.

More details can be found in your Cove account.

Audience tools are available on the new Tools plan ($8/month) or in the new Pro plan, which combines both comments and tools for $16/month. View Pricing


Show comment counts

You can now display comment counts in your post lists.

Read how to set this up (it's only two easy tweaks in your theme files).


Translate Cove

It's now possible to edit the English text that is shown in the Cove comment area on your site.

This is great if your site is in another language.

Go to Settings > Comment settings and change the text in the form.


Delete members

There is a new option on the Members page to permanently delete members from Cove.

Hover over a member and you'll see a new "Delete" link.

Member comments will be retained, but the member's name will be changed to "[Deleted]" and their avatar returned to the default Cove avatar.

If you want to delete individual comments, you can do that using the usual tools.


Member names can now sync from Ghost to Cove

Using a single new line of code in your Ghost theme, you can enable member name syncing from Ghost to Cove, keeping member names consistent with the data in Ghost.

For existing Cove installations, simply add the last line memberName: "{{@member.firstname}}" into your config as follows.

const Cove = {
    publication: "your_site_id",
    contentId: "{{id}}",
    memberId: "{{@member.uuid}}",
    memberEmail: "{{}}",
    memberName: "{{@member.firstname}}"

You can disable member name syncing by removing the memberName: "{{@member.firstname}}" line.

Member names are only synced when members make new comments; they are not synced automatically in the background.